Each custom suite created is a reflection of our client’s style and personality. 

We strive to reflect the unique details of your wedding in an artistic and subtle way using graphic elements, colors, florals, papers and typography.

To begin the process please fill out what you can on the below questionnaire so we can provide you with a proposal for your custom wedding suite.


Tip: Sometimes an individual invite per guest may not be necessary, consider one per address/family/group if suitable.
It is recommended to have up to 10 spare, or more for large weddings.
What pieces and details would you like to include in your suite?
(as you'd like it worded)
If required
Printing method
Please choose the below details you would like
(as you'd like it worded)
Would you like us to take care of postage assembly and mailing your invitations directly to your guests? **Purchasing Postage would be discussed during the design process when we have a better idea of the value of postage needed for your invitations. Please include postage in your budget. You would need anything from $1 to $3 per set or more if you have international guests.
Fully understanding your budget will allow us to create a custom proposal that fits your budget without compromising your aesthetic.

It is very helpful to send us any reference images if you already have specific ideas in mind. Feel free to share your Pinterest board with us also.
You can email these and any other questions to or send us a message on Facebook.

Thank you for your details and we hope to work together with you.